And please remember this website is a work in progress! I welcome all of your comments and I am working on a Blog to include here too! 

  • Hola and Welcome to My Website!

All  I wanted  to do was learn Spanish from watching telenovelas, and look what happened! 

I am called  "La Gringa Novelera" because even though I am still only learning Spanish from  telenovelas, like a novela miracle, I understand everything that is happening, and I love to tell people about them, even if they don't want to  listen. 

I've now written my own mini-novela, and I write about novelas every day on Facebook and Twitter!

But since I am still only learning Spanish, I frequently get things wrong. I love looking at novelas SIDEWAYS, which is where the fun of this site is. 

Whether you follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter,  or follow me anywhere (except in person in my non-novelera  life), I don't think you'll be disappointed. 


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